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It’s Always a Good Idea To Take a Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

by Stephen Thomas on June 27, 2013

Benefits of Texas Defensive Driving Course

Every 12 months, Texas drivers are eligible to take an online defensive driving course in order to dismiss a traffic ticket. These courses are a fantastic tool for helping Texas drivers maintain a clean record, which means their insurance rates will be lower, they’ll be able to get better jobs involving driving, and they won’t have to worry about license suspension if too many points build up from moving violations. Because they’re available online from any computer with internet access, almost anyone can access them with ease. Texas Defensive Driving Online offers the best course in the industry.

Lowest Price Around

Texas Defensive Driving Online is proud to be the leader for over 10 years of service to Texas drivers. We’ve helped thousands of Texans stay on the road and remember the most important principles of responsible defensive driving. Our online course is only 6 hours long, and is available at a mere $25 (the lowest traffic school price allowed by law). The low cost includes free processing, certificate shipping, and unlimited customer service. You’ll never get a hidden fee with us. We even offer a special video course, seat-belt course, and copies of your Texas driving record. If you ever feel like you didn’t receive your money’s worth, we offer a complete money-back guarantee.

Easy to Use

We’ve spent a long time adapting and improving our course into a user-friendly text-based lesson. We want to ensure that every student who enrolls with us enjoys the course as much as possible, and learns without any difficulty. Many other courses out there are, frankly, extremely bland and boring in their approach to the material. There are many ways to dismiss a traffic ticket, but why not go with the one that is most friendly and easy to use? We also offer a special video-based course as well.

On Your Own Time

Our online service makes it easy to log out and continue taking the course right where you left off. This means you can take the course entirely on your own time, according to your own schedule. This is a major blessing to people who lack the time or patience to attend a live weekend course in one setting. Each chapter concludes with a simple 10-question multiple choice test, and you only need to score 70% or higher to each chapter. We don’t even have a final exam at the end of the course- simply pass each chapter and you’re done! All of our courses are approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), so you know we are legitimate.

We’ve worked hard to create this amazing course, and we hope you’ll choose us for your traffic school needs. We’re always available if you have any questions.

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