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Link to It’s Always a Good Idea To Take a Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

It’s Always a Good Idea To Take a Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

Every 12 months, Texas drivers are eligible to take an online defensive driving course in order to dismiss a traffic ticket. These courses are a fantastic tool for helping Texas drivers maintain a clean record, which means their insurance rates will be lower, they’ll be...

About Texas Red Light Cameras

How to Get Out of a Red Light Camera Ticket in Texas

In Texas, as with many states, the installation of traffic light cameras is a very polarizing subject. In general, people tend to appreciate anything that helps to keep the public safe—until; of course, they’re caught and issued a red light camera ticket. Once they get...

DMV Point System in Texas

The DMV Point System in Texas – Explained

If you’re just getting your Texas driver’s license for the first time, you may not yet be familiar with how the points system operates. It can be confusing, particularly if you’ve never been issued a citation. But even the most attentive driver with a perfectly...

Houston Speeding Ticket

What Should You Do if You Get a Houston, Texas Speeding Ticket?

Speeding is one of those things that very few people set out to do, but nearly everyone ends up doing at some point. It happens. Meetings run late, you oversleep, or you overbook yourself. So you speed, from one place to the next, hoping to...

Texas Suspended License

License Suspension Simplified

If you’re in the habit of driving every day, whether to work or school, getting your Texas driver’s license suspended can be a gigantic hassle. Suddenly you’re forced to spend money on taxis, decipher cryptic bus schedules, or rely on friends and family for rides....