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Keep Your Cool Behind The Wheel in Texas

by Stephen Thomas on June 12, 2013

How Emotions Effect Driving in Texas

Most people are well aware of the impairing effects of drunk driving, sleep deprivation, and distracting behaviors behind the wheel. There are many ways that reaction times can be slowed and attention diverted from the important things happening on the road. But what many good drivers fail to take into account when they get behind the wheel is the effect their present mood and emotions may have on their driving. We are all emotional creatures, and none are immune to the changes that happen in our bodies when we get overly excited, stressed, sad, or anxious. Taking a Texas driving safety course is a great way to be reminded of the principles of responsible driving.

Awareness is Key

You have to learn to be aware of your changing emotional states when you drive. Ignorance just makes it worse. Many times we may find ourselves in a position where we are obligated to drive, even when our mood is not optimal for it, like after receiving a phone call that a friend is in the hospital, or following a major fight with a spouse. The smartest thing is not to drive at all during these times, but if you must do so, be wise about it.

Don’t let you’re an ill temperament cause you to rush or speed faster than you normally would. Don’t make risky maneuvers or neglect necessary precautions simply because you are thinking about something else. Do whatever you have to in order to keep your focus on the road and make sure you get to your destination in one piece. Stay focused at all times, but if you must, pull your car over if your emotions are just too much to handle. Don’t start moving again until you are in control of yourself.

Dealing with Road Rage

“Road rage” is an intense emotional state brought on by overexposure to stressful factors while driving. It is extremely dangerous, whether it is affecting you personally or any other driver in your vicinity. You can help prevent feeling road rage by listening to relaxing music and doing other stress relieving tasks while driving. Over time, you can train yourself to not take the mistakes or rudeness of other drivers so seriously and eventually forgive them for their mistakes.

If you find yourself confronted on the road by another driver with road rage, do everything you can to avoid inciting further anger. These drivers can be extremely dangerous, either intentionally or unintentionally. They make stupid judgments because they cannot think clearly in the moment. They may even act maliciously toward you and seek revenge if they believe you did something to wrong them. Do everything you can to diffuse the situation, such as making overly-apologetic facial expressions and gestures.

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