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The Importance of Your Texas Driving Record

by Stephen Thomas on June 12, 2013

Importance of Texas Driving Record

Your driving record in Texas is an important document. Many employers will use it to determine how responsible you are and if they should hire you (especially if the job involves driving). Insurance companies determine your coverage rate by your history of accidents and number of points on your record. You’ll almost certainly get an auto insurance discount by having a clean driving record. For these reasons and more, it’s very important to do everything you can to keep a clean driving record.

Types of Driving Records in Texas

There are 6 types of driving records in Texas, which can be obtained online for a small fee. Type 1 is simply a status record, which provides basic information about your name, address, and driver’s license status. Type 2 provides a 3-year history of all your moving and non-moving violations, including any accidents you have received a ticket for. You can also get a Type 2A, which is an officially certified version of Type 2. Type 3 is a crash report, which includes all information about any crashes (even if you didn’t receive a ticket) and all moving and non-moving violations. You can also get it certified by getting a Type 3A. Finally, you can get a Type AR, otherwise known as a Certified Complete Abstract. Type AR will included everything contained on your driving history.

In Texas, non-serious violations are kept on record for 15 years, but serious violations (such as drunk driving) are kept forever. When you order a Certified Complete Abstract, you will see every violation that has happened for the last 15 years (which has not been dismissed by traffic school) and every serious violation over your lifetime. This gives you good reason to make sure you never commit a dangerous action on the road.

Keeping Your Record Clean

Once a year, you can have a traffic ticket and all its points dismissed from your record by attending a state-approved defensive driving course in person or online. Every moving violation comes with a certain number of points, and if too many of them occur within a short period of time you may lose your driving privileges. If a judge approves, you can elect to complete the course and it will nullify the effects of the ticket. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and the Texas DMV will be notified.

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