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How To Save Money On Texas Auto Insurance

by Stephen Thomas on May 15, 2013

Save Money On Texas Auto Insurance

If you’ve already done your research and compared car insurance quotes, what else can you do to save money? Plenty. Between driving less, insuring more, and staying safe, Texas drivers have many opportunities to save some serious cash.

Take an Auto Insurance Discount Course

Let’s just start with the most obvious way you can save. By completing a Texas auto insurance discount course, your insurance carrier could reduce your rate up to 10%. This course is different from taking a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket, which is also a good idea to prevent an insurance hike.

Here’s how it works: If you’re a Texas driver with a clean driving record, you can voluntarily complete a 6-hour defensive driving course, either online or in a classroom. This class will cover everything from basic vehicle maintenance to essential safe driving skills. While the actual discount may vary from company to company, insurance providers typically reward drivers who complete an insurance reduction course and you’ll reap those benefits for 2 years.

Invest In an Anti-Theft Device

If you’ve taken steps to help deter theft or aid in the recovery of your vehicle, your car insurance company could reward you for that. Whether it’s a preventative measure that came with your car, like a built-in alarm, or you installed an after-market stolen-vehicle tracking device, you could reap the financial rewards.  Talk to your insurance provider to find out if there are additional steps you can take to save money and protect your car.

Encourage Good Grades

Young drivers can be the most expensive to insure. Many insurance companies, however, will offer discounts to help parents out. Whether they’re in the upper 20% of their class, consistently earn a 3.0 GPA or higher, or they’ve made the Dean’s List or Honor Roll, full-time students 25 years old or younger could be eligible for a discount. This is a win-win for parents and their children!

Keep Your Record Clean

Yes, keeping your driving record clean is your best friend when it comes to reducing insurance rates. You can also take a few extra steps, like reducing the number of miles you drive annually, to secure a lower insurance rate. In addition, most companies will reduce your rates if you keep traffic tickets and at-fault accidents off your record for a certain number of years —typically 3 or longer. Again, this is a good reason to take a defensive driving course if you happen to get a traffic ticket. Keep those points off your record if you want to be eligible for the best possible insurance premiums.

Special Savings for Seniors

Drivers over the age of 55 have a great option for saving money on auto insurance, and improving their safe driving skills. By completing a mature driver improvement course, senior drivers could earn a 10% insurance discount. The length of the discount and the actual amount varies so be sure to check with your insurance provider for more details.

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