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National Driver Safety Services. Approval # - C1635
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Texas Seat Belt Ticket Course

Dismiss your Texas Seat Belt Violation the fast and easy way!

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  • This Course is Approved by the Texas TEA/TDLR
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The ONLY provider that can dismiss your Texas Seat Belt Ticket online!

At Texas-defensivedriving-online.com, our goal is to help you with your traffic ticket problems easily and efficiently.  That’s why we’ve recently received approval by the Texas TEA/TDLR to offer you the ONLY online Texas Seat Belt Ticket course.

The Most Convenient Way To Dismissing Your Ticket

No more spending your weekend attending traffic school / defensive driving classes. No more listening to boring lectures. Now, you can dismiss your Seat Belt Ticket on your timeline, according to your schedule, when you're ready. With unlimited logons and log offs, you can take the course a little at a time or all in one sitting if you prefer. And all you need is a computer with Internet connection. Do it at home, at work, or your favorite hangout. Simple. Easy. And Convenient.

Interesting Animations, Easy-To-Read Text Lessons

And it really is interesting and easy to do. Our course is broken up into short, concise chapters that focus on one lesson at time. You breeze through the lesson, then take a short, multiple-choice quiz. Pass the quiz and move onto the next lesson. And we mix easy-to-read text with informative animations so you'll not only learn as you go, but you'll stay engaged and interested in what you're learning.

And because our course is involving, the time will pass faster than you thought possible. Before you know it, you'll be done.

Get Help 24/7

Plus, if you ever have any questions regarding our course, signing up, payments, our company, etc.. we're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Customer Support Team is filled with experts in Texas driving courses and can help you quickly and courteously. And every call is answered promptly - usually within 45 seconds - so you'll never be on hold for very long.

Who Qualifies for Our Seat Belt Ticket?

Drivers who have been cited for a seat belt or child safety seat violation and have been ordered by the court to take a seat belt course can fulfill their requirement by completing this course online.

What Will You Study?

Our Texas Seat Belt Ticket course is a 6-hour course that includes 4 hours of child passenger safety seat systems, information about wearing of seat belts, state law requirements, and penalties for noncompliance. The remaining two-hours provides driving safety information.

Do It Online - ONLY with Texas-defensivedriving-online.com

Dismiss your Texas Seat Belt Ticket with the only provider who offers an easy, convenient way of dealing with it online. Go with Texas-defensivedriving-online.com.

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